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San Diego Ultra Running Friends supports our diverse running and trail community, providing our members with happy, healthy opportunities to run, race, volunteer, and socialize.  We work to create an inclusive environment to cultivate friendships, provide encouragement, and celebrate every runner.  We also encourage members to maintain local running and hiking trails for public benefit to foster environmental awareness in parks and national forests.

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San Diego 100 Training Run

  • 20 Apr 2019
  • 7:00 AM
  • Red Tail Roost, Mt. Laguna

Dear SURF members,

Come join us for the third of four training runs for SD 100 followed by a picnic sponsored by SURF this Saturday, April 20, at 7 AM! The course is a 21 mile loop starting and finishing at Red Tail Roost. Please consult the SD 100 racebook if you don't know how to find Red Tail Roost. The run will go from Red Tail Roost down Thing Valley Road and then turn left onto the PCT after about 1.3 miles. The course then follows the PCT for about 8 miles until it reaches Penny Pines. There will be an aid station sponsored by HOKA, Tailwind, and Clif with water, Tailwind, Clif bars and shots, and possibly other goodies at Penny Pines. After Penny Pines, you will cross Sunrise Highway and follow the SD 100 course 11 miles back to Red Tail Roost. Because of the variety of turns in the meadow, the course will have markings at what we think are the critical turns through Laguna Meadow. However, our version of what turns are critical and your version may differ, so please bring the turn by turn directions found in the Racebook or run with someone who knows the way. For those interested in something shorter, we would suggest the 11 mile run through the Laguna Meadow from Penny Pines, although you will have to find your own transportation from Red Tail back to Penny Pines

After, there will be a picnic with sandwiches, drinks, snacks, etc., so please bring a chair and relax after a hard day's work and enjoy the company of your fellow runners and cheer folks in as they get done. Please RSVP by sending an e-mail to BJ at bengator@yahoo.com to get a rough count of folks who may be coming to make sure we have more than enough for everyone. 

Many thanks to SURF for partnering up with us for a fun Saturday morning. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Angela and BJ

RD's, San Diego 100

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