Dear SURF members:

We have exciting news! We are very proud to announce that SURF has been approached by the Cleveland National Forest to participate in a public/private partnership with the USFS to improve the trail network in the Laguna mountains, including the creation of miles of new trails in the Sunrise Highway corridor. In addition to building new trails, a number of other trails will be improved including moving several trails into better trail corridors to allow for better preservation of the tread and to minimize impact on the surrounding mountains. While SURF, through Trail Fit and the SURF volunteers who work with Trail Fit, already works hard to maintain the current trails we all know and love, there are needs for major upgrades to these trails that will provide convenient connectors between major trails, will encourage mountain bikers to use trails with jumps and features, thereby minimizing conflicts between trail runners and mountain bikers, and will preserve these trails from erosion and overuse, allowing them to be enjoyed by all for years to come.  

To make this effort possible, the USFS has asked SURF to raise $10,000 to place all new signs in and around Laguna Meadow and all through the Sunrise Highway corridor that will include both the name of the trail and the mileage to the next junction. No more wondering if you are still on the Big Laguna Trail or if you are on the Sunrise Trail or the Arroyo Seco Trail! These wooden signs are needed not only to clear up the confusion we all face on the maze of various trails in the Lagunas, but are also required for the trail improvements to receive certification and approval from the USFS. To achieve this fund-raising goal, SURF will be featuring a number of new opportunities in which you can participate over the next 12 months to do our part in improving the trails we all use and love. The board has already donated close to $1,000 out of their own pockets to start off the campaign and is in the process of creating fund raising opportunities for all our members to enjoy that will provide not only a benefit for the trails, but for you as well! For instance, SURF will be donating the proceeds from the holiday raffle this year, in which race entries, gear from SURF sponsors, and other goodies will be raffled off, to the sign fund. In addition, San Diego 100 will be making a one year exception to its volunteer requirement, allowing a $100 contribution to the sign fund in lieu of the 6 hours of trail/volunteer work normally required as a condition of entry. There will also be added events and surprises as the year goes by to help us reach our goal, and of course there will be a party to celebrate once we have hit our goal. Yes, beer will be served.

But you don't have to wait for a special occasion to help the cause! There is a "donate now" button on the SURF website which will allow you to make a donation, however small, towards the fund. As a reminder, all donations towards the fund are fully tax deductible, and a donation on the website will automatically generate a receipt for tax purposes. 

We are excited for this unique opportunity, and look forward to building on this project to continue to improve the trail running in San Diego for everyone. We know together, we can do great things to ensure a running legacy on the trails for future generations. If you have any questions about the project, please contact Board Member B.J. Haeck, who is coordinating this effort on behalf of SURF, at or 858-761-2717, and watch this space for updates as we work towards our goal. 

Thank you all for your help in making San Diego a great trail running community!

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San Diego Ultra Running Friends supports our diverse running and trail community, providing our members with happy, healthy opportunities to run, race, volunteer, and socialize.  We work to create an inclusive environment to cultivate friendships, provide encouragement, and celebrate every runner.  We also encourage members to maintain local running and hiking trails for public benefit to foster environmental awareness in parks and national forests.

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