2021 SURF Virtual Grand Prix Series



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Member Submitted Courses

Local Route- Poway Taco Shop Lollipop

Long Route- Sunrise down Oriflamme and back  21 miles

Short Route- Paso Picacho to Cuyamaca Peak loop plus Stonewall  15 miles

Poway Taco Shop Lollipop

.gpx file



.gpx file


Cuyamaca Peak and Stonewall Peak

.gpx file



Member Submitted Courses

Secret Canyon

12.7 miles- Carlsbad Highlands Preserve. 13 points.

10.3 miles-  Beeler & Sycamore Canyon.  10 points. 

 16 miles- Secret Canyon           16 points

Secret Canyon options:

1. 16 miles point to point from either direction

2. 8 miles and and 8 miles back from either trail head.

Carlsbad Highlands Course

.gpx file

Beeler & Sycamore

.gpx file

Secret Canyon

.gpx file

Febraury course maps and info


Member Submitted Courses

7 Miles- Iron Mountain Loop.    7 Points.

29 Miles- Lost Boys Course- Pinyon Wash to Pedro Fages. 29 Points.

22 Miles- San Elijo Hills Loop

San Elijo- you may

  1. run the whole course (22 miles). 22 Points.
  2. run the Denk Mountain loop (12 miles) (the south loop) 12 Points.
  3. run the Twin Peaks loop (10 miles) (the north loop) 10 Points.

Iron Mountain Course

IronMountain .gpx file

Lost Boys Course


Lost boys .gpx file

San Elijo Hills .gpx file

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        You must be a current San Diego UltraRunning Friends (SURF) club member to participate.

        You can complete the course any day within designated month, there is no set time or day but it must be within that particular month.

        You must upload your time by midnight of the last day of the month or it does not count.

        When you complete the distance, submit your results here: https://forms.gle/j3ZxTBSGetcYN6fSA

        Results will be posted in the first week of the following month.

        You must not pause your watch while running a segment of a race's course.  Once you start running do not stop your watch until you have finished the segment of the course you are running.  There are no cut off times, regardless of distance.

  • Submit your total elapsed time for the activity, and not your "moving time."  Strava prominently displays the moving time of activities, but the elapsed time is available in the detailed data.

        You must complete the actual course. If you get off course, you can’t pause your watch while you retrace your steps to get back on course (the clock keeps going!).

        Earning Points:

   Earn 1 point for each mile.  You must complete the entire section listed to earn points (if you complete 7 miles of a 12 mile section you do not earn any points).

   If and when trail work is allowed again, you will get 10 points each time you volunteer.

        Please keep our trails clean, leave no trace.

        Be kind to others.  This is not an official race therefore there will be hikers, mountain bikers, etc on the trail.  Treat everyone with respect.

        Please follow COVID-19 guidelines and do not run in groups, wear a face mask and stay six feet apart on the trails. 

If you have questions about the course, logistics, etc please post on our SURF Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/sdultrarunning) or email sdultrarunning@gmail.com.  This is an open forum so we can help each other out.


        Awards will be given at the end of the year.

        Every participant who completes one or more distances will get a t-shirt and medal.

        Participants and age group leaders will be recognized in a SURF zoom call after monthly points are posted.

Carlsbad Highlands

The course starts at the intersection corner of Cannon Rd and College Blvd adjacent to the Sage High School which is in Carlsbad.  There is ample parking on Cannon Rd  within a couple hundred feet of the start.  The course starts at the gate with a sign that says " Lake Calavera South Trail"

There is a drinking fountain to refill at about mile 4. Some great views of the ocean from atop the caldera.  

Beeler & Sycamore

Course starts at the corner of Stonebridge Parkway and Via Santa Pradera, just outside the entrance gate to Mission Trails Regional Park-West Sycamore (Scripps Ranch).  Parking is available along Stonebridge Pkwy or in the dirt lot of the Park.  Follow Via Santa Pradera until it dead ends and take the paved access trail to the right on the cul de sac.  At about mile one, take Beeler Canyon trail that starts to the right of the Info Kiosk. (If you get to the driveway marked Private you've gone too far)

Secret Canyon

The Secret Canyon trail is a 16 mile point to point route between the Pine Creek trail head and the Horsethief Canyon trail head.  For the SURF virtual event, runners can choose to either:

1. Run the entire trail point to point in either direction.


2. Run 8 miles out and back from either side.

There is no water at any point on the trail, so make sure you are adequately prepared!

<---the included route and .gpx is for the entire route in both directions.  Sorry!  I didn't have the one way...

Iron Mountain Loop

Lost Boys 1st 29 miles

2020 SURF Virtual Grand Prix Series



Distance Options



San Diego 100

40 miles - Pioneer1 to Dales1 to Pioneer2  (50 pts)

20 miles - Pioneer1 to Penny1 to Pioneer2 (20 pts)

20 miles - Penny1 to Dale’s1 to Penny2 (20 pts)

28 Miles – “Mile 1” (Trout Pond parking) to Sunrise1, to “mile 99”  (Trout Pond) (28 pts)

(whole course)

(video tour)


(race book with turn by turn directions)

Strava Map Segments


Lake Hodges 15/50K

15K (9.3 miles)

50K (31 miles)



Cuyamaca 100K

100K – 62 miles (72 pts)

18 miles (Loop 3, 18 pts)

13 miles (Loop 2, 13 pts)

31 miles (Loop 1, 31 pts)



Mt Laguana Marathon

Marathon (27 miles, 37 pts)

11 miles (North loop, 11 pts)

16 miles (South loop, 16 pts)



Noble Canyon 50K

50K – 30 miles (41 pts) (start& finish at Lower NC trailhead kiosk)

 20 miles (out & back entire NC trail, 20 pts)

 10 miles (upper loop, 10pts)


Mt. Laguna 16m Mile Loop

Pioneer Mail 20 mile Loop

Penny to Penny Loop

Start to Sunrise 28 mile

Mission Statement:

San Diego Ultra Running Friends supports our diverse running and trail community, providing our members with happy, healthy opportunities to run, race, volunteer, and socialize.  We work to create an inclusive environment to cultivate friendships, provide encouragement, and celebrate every runner.  We also encourage members to maintain local running and hiking trails for public benefit to foster environmental awareness in parks and national forests.

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